DPF Removal Restoration and Cleaning Service

Result of the DPF cleaning
Exhaust gas after treatment with diesel particulate filter (DPF)

DPF Removal

Our DPF Removal service:

At Autojob, we can also remove the DPF, SCR, CAT or DOC from your vehicle to aid correct cleaning.
During the DPF removal process we will also check to see if there are other components that need attention and advise accordingly.

The DPF will then go through our rigorous examination and cleaning process and be refitted back into your vehicle afterwards.

Once all faults have been resolved, the vehicle will be test driven to ensure we are 100% happy with our repair before returning to you.

DPF Removal & Cleaning – How It Works

We do not carry out the illegal and irresponsible practice of permanent DPF Removal or EGR Removal.

The negative effects of this type of crude, ‘bandage’ type repair only temporarily moves the problem for a period of time and does not guarantee a 100% fix.

Poor diagnostic equipment, cheap/copied software and unknowledgeable individuals only leads to much more expensive bills down the line after permanent DPF Removal.

Driving your vehicle on public roads after permanent DPF Removal or permanent EGR Removal is completely illegal and hefty fines exist for such.

If you cannot find a competent repairer for your DPF issues, then speak to us at Autojob who will advise and fix the problem, The Right Way!

DPF Cleaning Service

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